Heather Himmel

Heather Himmel, a watercolour and acrylic artist from the West Coast of British Columbia says “the ocean is in my heart and blood”, and her style of painting is reflective of this merging of nature and spirit.

Growing up she spent most week-ends either wandering an ocean beach or hiking a trail in the local rain forest. Thus, she developed a passion for the beauty and majesty of this very unique part of the world.

Currently, she resides mostly on B.C.’s Sunshine Coast.

She discovered her inclination for art as a young adult and since then, her foray into the art world has been mainly through individual exploration and self-teaching.

Her work, of course, is inspired by her passion for nature, but more specifically by the interplay of light in sun-dappled forests, on lofty coastal mountains and on water of all kinds. To express the joy this brings her is the raison d’être of her work. She believes that art is a gift that flows through an artist from a ‘higher’ domain.

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