Schooner Cove

Watercolour Painting by Heather Himmel

Heather Himmel


          Light, life and joy are intricately intertwined. The medium of watercolour is a way to express all three of these through its transparent fluidity and movement. Ever unpredictable in nature, it is a medium which allows for spontaneity and freshness, the very characteristics that draw us to nature and life itself. 

“it is a medium which allows for spontaneity and freshness”

Over the years, I have been a textile artist, designer and acrylic painter but always I am drawn back to the challenge and soul-satisfying process of creating watercolour art.

Spring is Here

I tried out my new set of Qor watercolour paints. They told me immediately what they wanted to be - a fresh spring floral bouquet! It evolved before my eyes. I went back when the paint was dry and added the details in pen and ink.